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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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over one billion vaccines given and studies shown there are no negative long term consequences. halle jackson has more on the fight to contain the measles outbreak. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are watching two suspected measles cases in nevada. they haven't been confirmed just yet. if they are, that brings the total number of states with measles patients to 15 in this country. this measles outbreak a national headline. now it has become a hot topic for top politicians. with medical experts overwhelmingly in agreement, vaccines are safe democrats and republicans are sparking debate that's as much about politics as public health. hillary clinton weighing in late last night tweeting the earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. adding #grandmothersknowbest. then chris christie talked about
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parents who choose not to vaccinate. >> parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. that's the balance that the government has to decide. >> reporter: after blow back christie's office clarified with a disease like measles there's no question kids should be vaccinated. senator rand paul making waves after comments he made about choice to vaccinate. >> the state doesn't own your children parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom. >> reporter: president obama reignited the conversation around vaccinations in his interview with savannah. >> are you telling parents get your kids vaccinated? >> get your kids vaccinated. >> reporter: it is the only way to stop the measles outbreak that grew to 102 people in 14 states. many have passionate reactions, like march sell a piper terry who blames that vaccine for triggering seerrious seizurers. >> they say vaccines are safe not for my child. >> reporter: for piper terry, there's a question about vaccinations, one she feels
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attacked for even asking. >> it is discriminating, it is hate speech and it is -- i can't believe i am living in america. >> remember how contagious measles virus is. 90% of people without the vaccine will catch measles if they come into contact with the virus. that includes children too young to get the measles shot which you get at 12 months or older. for example, that includes 14 infants at a santa monica daycare in southern california tamron, who have been quarantined three weeks because they may have had measles exposure. it is a story continuing to make headlines, will continue to make headlines for the time being. >> halle jackson live for us. joining me in the studio arthur kaplan, director of the division of medical ethics in new york. and nick diamond, lawyer and health care consultant specializing in public health law. thank you both for joining us. we talked about many infectious
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diseases ebola recently did you ever think we would be at this point with the debate over measles? >> i did. vaccination rates in some small pockets people are declining, vaccination for measles is only 95 96% effective. if you get enough folks in the community don't do it you can spread. i have been fearful we would get just this kind of outbreak. people worried about safety but this is a vaccine that has a great safety track record. i heard that mom say she saw seizures, a certain number that take care of kids vaccinated and nonvaccinated. i don't think this vaccine is responsible for those kinds of problems. >> right now, the cdc recommends one dose at 12 to 15 months another at four to five years old. no federal mandate requiring it. but let's talk statistics the
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number of children who are vaccinated versus those like the parent who spoke in halle jackson's piece who worry yes, the odds may be my child is okay but if it is my child who is sick and becomes critically ill, it is my child. >> right. i think the motive to not vaccinate, you have to understand it people trying to protect their children don't want them to come across harm. the danger from measles, mumps, the flu, whooping cough, tetanus, is so much greater than anything you get on the other side of vaccination that it just makes sense. people that fight for kids the most pediatricians, your pediatrician you trust, absolutely pro-vaccine. i have seen some politicians say we have to think about freedom and choice. those same politicians were screaming for quarantine. chris christie was locking people up during the ebola thing saying it is public health. i don't know why any politician anyone who is running for
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national office would say public health doesn't come first. >> to that point, the nurse casey hik objecting talked about governor christie she was forced into quarantine took on chris christie, saying no proof she was exposed, saying she was threat to public safety. here is what she said with our own chris hayes last night. >> we need to consult medical and public health experts about these kind of decisions and discussions and again, he is not doing that. again, he is going against science. so before he ignored science and is still ignoring science. >> she's saying he ignored science when it related to her, as related to her case with ebola exposure or lack thereof and is ignoring signs this time around. nick, let me bring you in. all 50 states have laws requiring measles vaccination to attend school. all have exemption for medical reasons. and here is where it gets
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tricky, all states except virginia and mississippi have exemption for religious beliefs. 19 states let them exempt for philosophical reasons. there are loopholes that are present in many states and you've talked about possibility of one day seeing lawsuits from parents whose children have been exposed to measles who blame another child in their class. >> that's right, tamron. the state law to start with that point, they're the source of most of the issue. public health we like to rely on prevention as much as possible. state laws are trying to encourage prevention specifically related to children going to attend school but as you were noting they were weakened by a number of exemptions. the biggest culprit, personal belief exemptions which as you note not every state has, less than half the states. as we have seen in california there's a high incidence of people taking advantage of personal belief exemptions. if states could move in the
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direction of starting to start the legislative mechanisms needed to get rid of at least a personal belief exemption, that would be a positive step forward. >> we just got in sound from house speaker john boehner. he was asked if there should be a law requiring parents to vaccinate. let's play what he just said. >> well i don't know that we need another law, but i do believe that all children ought to be vaccinated. >> brief statement there on the law, but listen art, you know this well a lot of anti-vaccine argument hinges on a 1998 study linking the mmr vaccine to autism. that study was found completely faulty the author of that report, dr. andrew wakefield was accused of fraud, saying he misrepresented and altered medical history. >> and lost his license. >> and lost his license, that did not make nearly as many headlines i think than the information that these vaccines could cause autism. >> unfortunately, things live on in the internet so you still
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see people talk about autism. i wish i could explain the rise in autism. you know it correlates with a bunch of things correlates with eating more organic food for example, correlates with jenny mccarthy's time on earth. it isn't persuasive at this point in time to point to vaccines as the problem with autism. the rates have been going up vaccination rates are going down. that tells you don't worry about that. one other thing, sometimes people say you know i don't want to give my kids these poisons, but vaccines are made of naturally existing virus and back tear they're aten waited or killed. they're parts of the virus. nature isn't always nice. folks have the idea that it is not organic to give the kid a vaccine. i don't think that makes sense either. >> i want to get back to you on the legal battle that potentially could rise on the "today" show this morning, asked people should you be able to sue, the number was around 53% saying you should not be able to
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sue, but it was still very close, nevertheless. >> yes. this is an issue that dr. kaplan and i have written on. there certainly is a good case to be made for liability for negligence that a parent whose child was harmed could look for that as a remedy. it is a pretty good case. there are some weaknesses. for instance it is unclear how the law treats a parent's duty in this case but there are also counter points to that. parents are really acting in the face of a known risk with very severe harm and they're not just exacerbating a situation, they're actually in some cases causing it. >> and i just want to ask you, we just got this in very interesting development, not related to vaccines. developing news out of the u.k., u.k. parliament has cleared the way for a treatment, ivf treatment where three parents would be used in the ivf treatment, dna from three
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individuals. they say to prevent incurable inherited diseases but a major development clearing the way for three parent babies. >> sounds shocking. some children are born with weak batteries. that causes disease. they don't have energy to drive their cells. if you take the might con degree a from an egg donor, put it into the egg of recipient, you can produce or repair that deficit. that sounds spooky but in actuality, you're doing a tiny transplant, like an organ transplant, giving the kid a new energy source. that kid will be healthy. and two parents that have the kid, they'll raise the kid. the person that donated the might a con degree a won't be a parent. >> the point could be this could be another step in preventing incurable diseases that are inherited. >> going to see genetic engineering used this way more and more more and more to talk about this. it is a baby step. it is a good one now, but more
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to come in terms of genetic engineering. >> appreciate you joining us. appreciate your time. the vaccine controversy is the topic of today's gut check. do you think there should be a federal law that requires vaccinations for children? going to tell you how to weigh in. we are having a twitter chat this afternoon. we will answer any vaccine questions at 1:30 eastern time. join the conversation using #msnbcchat. now to the weather, another day of dangerously low temperatures, ice covered roads and risky travel across the northeast for commuters. flash freezing turned some roads into ice skating rinks. cars sliding, wheels spinning. already 15 fatalities have been linked to the storm in the past two days in new england. an extra foot of snow forced boston to delay the scheduled championship parade for the new england patriots. that moves to tomorrow instead. now even more snow could be on the way.
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nbc's ron allen is live for us in boston with the latest on conditions there. hey, ron. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. the last thing we need here is more snow. you can see the piles are 12 13 feet tall. look behind me here they're waiting for buses, part of the transit system the t, is shut down. had power outages in a number of areas. the problem is when the buses come, they're packed. it is difficult getting around. as you can see, there's snow everywhere. record snowfall. several feet the past week. now talking six more inches wednesday night into thursday. looking that direction, more snow. you can see the roads there. they're passable. utility crews are doing their best to clear the big corners so drivers can see around them. everywhere around town trying to clear up the corners so driving is safer. trying to clear schools and walkways around schools, they want to open schools tomorrow.
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they're closed again today. this is also the part of town where the parade will happen. where the patriots have a victory parade on that street over that direction, and you can't tell from here but it is passable at this point. imagine crowds lining that street. there's still a lot of snow around. the mayor is urging people to be patient, to clear off properties. he says the show will go on. he says he will not be there tomorrow, he has more things to do. i don't know what's more important for the mayor. but more snow is coming, doing the best to get rid of it. there's a lot of snow and not a lot of places to put it. >> thank you, ron. appreciate it. coming up bobbi kristina brown is fighting for her life the latest word from her family as they remain by her side at a georgia hospital. we will have a live report next. new details on how a selfie caused a deadly plane crash in colorado. it is one of the stories we are
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following around the "newsnation." and this. >> end up doing nothing, did you know how long it took me to find this job? >> to keep that job this detroit man has to walk 21 miles to get to work every day. his boss says he has never been late. his story has gone viral. wait until you hear the heart warming reaction to his story. join our conversation online. find my team at "newsnation" and find me on facebook, twitter, and instagram.
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welcome back. this morning, we are learning more about the condition of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina brown as family members describe her in quote
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the fight for her life. the 21-year-old remains in an atlanta hospital on a ventilator surrounded by loved ones. gabe gutierrez is outside the hospital in roswell with the latest. gabe we're hearing a little more information from her family, but really not a lot. >> reporter: hi, tamron good morning. relatives say bobbi kristina brown is fighting for her life and is surrounded by her immediate family. her cousin says there has been a slight improvement but tamron any recovery won't be easy. this is believed to be the last video of bobbi kristina brown with her husband, nick gordon before she was found face down and unresponsive in her bathtub. >> how is she doing? >> she's a fighter. >> her cousin gerard brown, tells us she's breathe white gold the help of a ventilator. >> she has been hit with a couple of things in life but keeps getting up to fight. >> singer spoke with access hollywood.
8:19 am
>> pretty much put into a coma so the brain would stop swelling and we're just hoping for the very best for her. >> reporter: they're asking for help on social media. >> still not out of the woods, her eyes moved a little last night. we are hoping that's not just reflectionre reflex. >> reporter: police are investigating how brown ended up in the bathtub. >> 21-year-old female in the bathtub face down pd in route. >> reporter: it was almost three years to the day since her mother whitney houston, was found dead in a bathtub at the beverly hills hilton. >> she idolized her mother whitney houston. she wanted to follow in her footsteps. on the other hand, she grew up in a household that was very insecure. her parents were involved with drugs. >> leave her alone. >> my daughter. >> she's fine.
8:20 am
>> reporter: that turbulent upbringing in the show "being bobby brown." >> i walk in the house, like mom, still call her name. >> reporter: and more drama, about the making of unauthorized bio about her mother that aired last month. >> we wanted to know what you think about the bio pick. >> reporter: a lifetime in the spotlight. now her toughest fight yet. her father bobby brown has been by her bedside. there are many unanswered questions, tamron about what exactly led to all of this. so far today, no comment from police. >> thank you gabe. up next another delay in the murder trial against aaron hernandez, this as the mother and girlfriend of his alleged victim are set to return to the witness stand. we will get you caught up on that case. new reaction from congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz following candidate comments about jews and inter marriage. it is today's first read.
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and here is what's happening today, tuesday february 3rd at the white house. president obama will meet with americans that wrote letters about how they benefitted from the affordable care act. and on capitol hill. first time since the gop took control of congress the house votes on a bill to repeal that law. republicans say it is the 67th vote to repeal change or de-fund the law. hat is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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new stouffer's mac cups. made for you to love. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. the trial for aaron hernandez was delayed, td judge took a temporary recess. when testimony resumes, they will continue to hear from the girlfriend of odin lloyd, the man hernandez is accused of killing. they will also hear from lloyd's mother. in testimony friday her sister was engaged to hernandez, she described the relationship as the quote beginning of a friendship. joining me a trial lawyer
8:25 am
michael rico. thank you for your time. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the testimony we heard friday to point out, testimony should resume soon after the issue with the jury is remedied. let me play sound as she described her boyfriend, odin lloyd's relationship with aaron hernandez. let's play it. >> do you know of any occasion where the two of them ever were getting together in your absence, meaning not involving you and your sister? >> just the one that i was made aware of the weekend that he was murdered. >> how would you have described their relationship? >> beginning stages of a friendship, from what i am aware of they were only really around each other and communicated when i was there, me and my sister were present. >> she described the two smoking marijuana together but michael, obviously the court is trying to clarify and get the jurors to see the full picture of the relationship between the two
8:26 am
men. >> right. the defense theory is that aaron hernandez and odin lloyd were good friends, that there's no way he would have motive to kill the victim in this case. the prosecutors are trying to anticipate that and they're trying to go out and say listen these guys barely knew each other, this was a new relationship, and there's no way that these guys were the types of friends the defense is alleging. >> the defense also in opening statements tried to make the point that listen this is a guy, aaron hernandez, was a star on the team obviously the timing of this so interesting as well. you have the football super bowl going to the new england patriots and the patriots going. he was a star on the rise and defense saying he had no motivation to kill his friend. >> reminding you, motive is not an element of homicide not an element of a lot of crimes. has to get over that hump even
8:27 am
though it is not an element of the crime. the defense has a good petition saying this guy had way too much to lose. why would he go out and do this. and the prosecution is having a hard time rebutting that. having a hard time presenting any case where aaron hernandez had a legitimate reason to go out and kill this person. >> how complicated is it that you have odin lloyd's girlfriend who is just testifying, showed some of her testimony, she's the sister of aaron hernandez, his fiance. i believe they're still engaged and together. >> not only are they engaged, she's technically a state witness. listed by the prosecution. she's currently under prosecution for purge re. has an immunity deal. we don't know if she's going to testify or not testify. if she does we don't know if she's taking the fifth amendment or whether she will go ahead and testify for or against the defendant in this case mr. hernandez. >> do we know any more about the issue with the juror that
8:28 am
resulted in this temporary delay? >> no. with a lot of juror matters, judges use discretion to keep that out of the general public. they try not to make it a public issue. and they usually do it behind closed doors. we will find out as the trial goes on or maybe after the trial. right now they don't want to do anything to taint the process. >> once they resume we will hear more testimony from the girlfriend of odin lloyd as well as his mother. thank you for joining us. great pleasure having you on. thank you. >> thank you for having me. coming up the bitter legal fight over robin williams' estate. and charges of murder one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation."
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surrounding a flight united 1218. a pressurization issue forced the plane to return moments after takeoff this morning. authorities say several passengers experienced discomfort and at least three people were rushed to the hospital. right now, crews are currently looking at the aircraft to see exactly what happened but the plane had to turn around return back to o'hare. it was departing to denver when there was some sort of pressurization issue. several passengers experienced discomfort so much so that three of them three or four transported to a nearby hospital. we will bring you the latest information on this. this is the aircraft in question as it is now being examined for the pressurization issue. meanwhile, a florida political blog called the shark tank reports candid comments made by the national democratic chair debbie wasserman schultz. it happened while speaking to a group of jewish americans in south florida last month. according to the blog she broke
8:33 am
with the obama administration saying it was carried out by islamic fundamentalists, saying we have the problem of assimilation, we have the problem of inter marriage. we have the problem that too many generations of jews don't realize the importance of our institutions strengthening our community, particularly with the rise of anti-accept tichl and global in tolerance. joining me now, mark murray. we're hearing from congressman wasserman schultz about those remarks this morning. >> that's right. we reached out to the democratic national committee, receiving a statement from dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz. she says the comments were talking about loss of identity with the younger generation it was to an audience in florida last month of jewish voters and jewish constituents that she ended up having and she ended up saying in her clarified statement she does not oppose inter marriage. in fact her husband is the
8:34 am
product of one. but certainly you kind of see that comments that the dnc needed to walk back. >> certainly the case. but it is interesting the timing. the comments were made mark a month ago, now they're making headlines. >> tamron beware of audio in events you're speaking to people as mitt romney knows. you think you're saying the same thing you always said but the way you word it could cause interesting headlines and negative feedback. and this is just something that all politicians need to be aware of. recording or video of anything you say can come back in the news media. >> absolutely. since we have time i want to get your thoughts on political back and forth over vaccinations debate. now you have just within the last hour speaker john boehner saying he doesn't believe there should be a law, but he also believes that all children should be vaccinated. >> tamron, we wouldn't be having this discussion if you didn't
8:35 am
have the measles outbreak on the west coast, moving eastward so that number one is why we are seeing a lot of 2016ers, including the president of the united states, house speaker john boehner having to weigh in. and there is a little of a political divide here. in most comments we heard, even from chris christie and rand paul saying either vaccinations are good or needed or they would do it in their family. the difference is when you try to have some of that personal freedom, and when freedom gets involved, all of a sudden the corollary becomes well that gives you the right to say no if you want. that's where the big political discussion is having whether people have the right to say i am not going to vaccinate my kids or yes, everyone should be vaccinated. that's the political debate. >> and wasn't terribly long ago what we were discussing in the last psych alcycle, the hpv vaccination. >> that's right. even in the 2014 mid term we
8:36 am
talked about ebola. one of the responses was let's quarantine everybody. so there seems to be a little bit of contradictory messages coming from some folks here. but yes, health is in some ways a political issue and has certainly come to the forefront in the last 24 to 48 hours. >> mark murray thank you so much with the first read. see you tomorrow. up next learning more why johnny football johnny manziel, entered a treatment program. we will tell you the details there. plus, investigators now say a selfie of all things is to blame for a deadly colorado plane crash a year ago. one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." we will be right back. s now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower?
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8:40 am
raised his hands to his family and realized it was time to go to inpatient rehab for dependence on alcohol. the family and team are asking for privacy. while he is not the first professional athlete to make the choice the decision is sparking interest, following a season of multiple highly publicized off field issues for one of the most anticipated rookies in the league. joining me chris chase, writer for usa today's sports site. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> they're asking for privacy, but johnny manziel lived his life publicly from high school to this journey, he has been somewhat of a legend and perhaps to his own peril. what do we know about this decision perhaps from the team and players and what you hear on the ground. >> so far not much has been said except the report you cited.
8:41 am
there was a key interest in wording there, didn't say alcoholism, they said possible dependence on alcohol, which is different. but the fact that johnny manziel went in voluntarily is important, if that's indeed true. as a 22-year-old, to admit he might have a problem with alcohol, especially when you're known for your partying ways this is a guy that hangs out with justin beiber floyd mayweather friends with lebron james, tweets pictures in vip sections of clubs, holding stacks of money. for him to admit he has a problem, especially when he had a chance to become the cleveland browns starting quarterback last year, that's a good sign that at least he understands that he is not right and something needs to happen. >> you named a laundry list of people he was hanging out with nothing wrong with having celebrity friends, lebron james one of the people you named tweeting i haven't talked to
8:42 am
him, but as a friend i support him. i want him to get better as friends and family we all believe in him and this is a good step if this is the route he is going to take. that's a comment he gave earlier on it. lebron james lived by all accounts a straight and narrow life-style straight clean life has been an exemplary athlete. is it that johnny manziel had too much too fast? >> could be. lebron is the polar opposite of johnny manziel when it comes to that. manziel has admitted the pressure he put on himself with the bravado, money man seal stars, vying to be a quarterback, thinks it might have an effect. his father told espn the magazine that he thinks his son drinks because he is under too much pressure. whereas lebron, he was touted as a great nba prospect from when he was 14 on never had an issue off the court as it is manziel
8:43 am
had a handful and hasn't played much in the nfl, and when he has, it has been disappointment. >> does it seem that the browns support him? to your point had injuries starting one game before the injury. i don't want to run through the laundry list of antics we know them if you're a football fan, been following this kid's career, you know them well. do you think the browns still have faith in him? >> it is tough to say. there's the oversleeping, the time he was late to meetings which happens to a lot of people. i think the key one was when he was out at 2:36 in the morning and involved in an incident. and he was cleared of any wrongdoing, but the fact he was out on saturday morning at 2:36 shows what kind of mentality he has. tom brady says he goes to bed by 8:00. peyton manning is probably up watching ipad game film. is johnny manziel dedicated enough, are the browns dedicated enough to him. you can say one thing for certain. johnny manziel might be on a
8:44 am
cleveland browns roster come september but will not be their starting quarterback, despite having the door open for him because the team quarterback last year is a free agent. >> thank you very much chris. we will see what happens. certainly any kind of addiction is a serious problem and we wish him the best in his recovery whatever he is dealing with. >> absolutely. my pleasure, tamron. knight is accused of intentionally running down two men with a pickup last week killing one of them. his attorney said it was an accident that knight was trying to get away from people trying to hurt him. nfl hall of famer sports caster warren sapp out of a job after he was arrested in phoenix for allegedly soliciting a prostitute assaulting two women. he appeared in court yesterday, posted bond, shortly after police said he admitted involvement in the act of
8:45 am
prostitution, but the nfl network terminated his contract. federal investigators believe selfies likely contributed to a plane crash that killed two in colorado. according to ntsb a go procamera from the scenery veeld the pilot and sole passenger on board were taking selfies with cell phones. investigators say it disoriented the pilot, causing him to lose control. and harper lee, author of the iconic book "to kill a mockingbird" said to publish a second book. a novel titled "go set a watch man" which is a sequel to the first and only book. it will be her first new work in over 50 years. "to kill a mockingbird" sold 41 million copies since first published in 1960. nearly six months after the death of robin williams his widow and children are involved
8:46 am
in a contentious legal dispute over his estate. nbc's joe fryer is in los angeles with more. it boils down to property memorabilia, where the lines may cross. >> reporter: that's right. robin williams passed away six months ago now. six months later all of this is coming to light. more information documents from the legal dispute. a lot centers around memorabilia that williams collected over the course of some 40 years during his long career in film tv and on stage. court documents filed in december and january outline a dispute over property between robin williams' widow and his children from two previous marriages. according to documents, williams who committed suicide in his california home left a trust granting his children memorabilia and awards, including an oscar for his performance in "goodwill
8:47 am
hunting." susan williams acknowledged she has no rights to the items, but should be entitled to other items, like the tuxedo worn at their wedding and nick naks and other items not associated with his famous persona. >> it is a difficult case only because there's a lot of nuance and interpretation issues like what does memorabilia mean. entertainment memorabilia? >> the trust started gathering items within days of the death and she was not given time to grieve her loss free from frenetic effort to interfere with domestic tranquility according to court documents, adding she became frightened of the co-trustees invading her home blocking her access. overnight, attorneys for the children released an exclusive statement to nbc news saying in part robin's children want nothing more than to be left alone to grieve. the fact is that they have been barred from what had been their father's house and not even the
8:48 am
trustees of the robin williams trust have been able to conduct a complete inventory. >> best thing you can do is get behind closed doors, work it out, figure out what's really important to each side. >> reporter: a private dispute gone public over one of the most beloved comedians. his children say that any insinuation that they or any representatives took something from the home is, quote, despicable and wholly untrue. nbc news did try to reach out to mrs. williams for comment, but so far has not heard back. tamron? >> thank you. up next new reaction from the detroit man who commutes 21 miles on foot after his story went viral, and gets a heartwarming response. we will update you on the story everyone seems to be talking about today. i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool.
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developing now in alabama,
8:52 am
the three judge panel refusing to stay a decision overturping the state's ban. alabama would be the 32nd state where same-sex marriage is legal. we're back with i story that highlights the struggle of many working class americans. it is the story of factory worker james robertson's daily 46-mile commute to work. nearly half of that commute he does on foot. since then his story has gone viral, inspiring people from all over to pitch in and help. we have the details now from willie geist. >> no matter how tough things are, i like to stick it out. >> reporter: 56-year-old james robertson has spirit that makes people want to go the extra smile. as part of his eight-hour roundtrip commute to work he walks 21 miles every day. >> i do this five days a week. five days a week. >> reporter: since his car broke
8:53 am
down a decade ago. his shift starts at 2:00 but eelz always early and has a perfect attendance record. >> didn't want to end up doing nothing. did you know how long it took me to find this job. >> reporter: once he punches out at 10:00 p.m. it's time for the trip home. this time in the dark with an added five-mile walk because of late night bus route changes. >> you're physically drained but you have to pull something zra out. >> reporter: he returns home at 4:00 a.m. to catch a few hours of sleep before his alarm goes off at 6:00 and does it all again. >> faith and determination and will just a will to go on. >> reporter: after reports of the marathon commute went viral, 19-year-old he have veen leady decided to set up a website trying to help foot the bill for a new car. >> at first i wanted to figure out how i could help james get a ride to where he needs to go.
8:54 am
>> reporter: since sunday morning the site raised $130,000 and counting. well earned support after what's been a very long walk. >> that was nbc's willie geist. because of the snowstorm that hit detroit, the factory where james robertson works was closed yesterday but he's back on his usual commute today. however his walking days may be over because the money that's been raised is incredible. somewhere around $189,000 this morning when i last checked and now two detroit area car dealerships offering to give him a new car and a programming note, both mr. robinson and student behind the go fund me site will join us live here on "news nation" tomorrow. very excited about that. that means i will definitely be showing up for work tomorrow. turning now to our gut check, more serious note here. right now a hearing is going on on the house floor and health officials testify on the measles outbreak and debate over vaccinations, last month, 102 new cases were reported across
8:55 am
14 states. the cdc and american academy of pediatrics and nih are encouraging children and unvaccinated adults to get immunized. on the house floor, one health expert said the measles vaccine is one of the most effective on earth at treating one of the most contagious viruses on earth. but right now large pockets of parents are choosing not to immunize. often over fears of a link to autism that has been unproven. in all, 50 states and d.c. children have to get vaccinated to go to school unless they have a medical exemption. but a majority of states parents can also opt out for religious rns and in 19 states for fill soficcal reasons as well. it is getting political this morning as you well know. house speaker john boehner was asked if it was time for congress to step in. >> well i don't know we need another law but i do believe that all children ought to be
8:56 am
vaccinated. >> what does your gut tell you? do you think there should be a federal law that requires vaccinations for children? go to to vote. yesterday's gut check we asked about the seahawks super bowl loss and the interception that cost them the game. did seattle make the worst call in super bowl history? 9% said yes -- i mean 91% said yes. who are you 9? i want to know who the 9% said that said the call wasn't the worst. e-mail us what you think is the worst. that does it for this edition of "news nation." bye to the 9% it was not the worst call. up next "andrea mitchell reports." oll out a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and homemade gravy. but marie callender's does. just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. right now, measles politics
9:00 am
the debate over vaccines infected the 2016 race for the white house. >> i also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. that's the balance that the government has to decide. >> i think the parent should have input. the state doesn't own your children. parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom. >> is every reason to get vaccinated, there aren't reasons to not get vaccinated. >> are you telling parents to get your kids vaccinated? >> you should get your kids vaccinated. >> russian roulette as putin doubles down in ukraine. will the u.s. arm ukraine's government to stop the separatists. >> after seven days of record breaking snow, boston leader's have bigger challenges than the patriots vak tri parade. >> we have an entire city to get up and running. there are people at work not worried whether or not the patriots won the super bowl but wondering whether they can


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